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Beach Rhythm ~ Ep. 5, 3 & 7

February/March 2018 · EnclaveLAB, London

All photographs are courtesy of Paul Chapellier and Elizabeth Presland.

Take a moment to imagine a beach... It is the edge of the shore, representing an intertidal zone - a threshold between ocean and land. Beach Rhythms carve their own time and relative dimension, flowing in and out, never the same, carving a semi-invisible trace into space.

Built up from loops and layers as the days progressed, each episode of Beach Rhythm traced oceanic themes; started with Origins, then the Wake, and closing with Carnival. This trilogy was given form through spoken prose, moving image, and sculptures as props, all brought together in a live-mixed sonic environment that washes over you.



Starting as a blank verse, Ep. 5: Origins looked at life as it came out of the ocean. Here, island time and shepard tones rule. The birth of Aphrodite, the aquatic ape theory, the boneless body of the octopus.. These myths and beliefs could interwave and interweave.


Ep. 3: The Wake presented a frozen moment, looking both forwards and backwards and at neither at the same time. Like a crab that can only move sideways as it tries to creep out of the water. Grieving time is cyclical. A crisp space marked in dye. An ocean of plastic.



Ep. 7 was the moment for a carnivalesque celebration of loss, life, and good times. During Carnival social roles are reversed, norms are suspended, and the party punch flows. No celebration is complete without friends, bringing waves of oceanic exchange and wash of new voices.


Ep. 7: Carnival brought you ~~~~

√ Make-overs by Paula Pinho Martins Nacif

√ Film by Joeseph Bateman

√ Live sound and video by Patrick David Godfrey Furness

√ Poetry by Brother Portrait

√ DJ/VJ set by Human Pony

√ Dance with Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger

√ And of course, everybody's favourite sonic duo; SpongeBob No Pants.


The final episode of the original Star Wars trilogy was seen by some as “the most disappointing of the original three episodes but still charming and thrilling” **** - Empire.


Maybe because it “it lacks the startling originality of the first two.” **** - Chicago Sun-Times.


Whatever the reason, “there is a kind of desperation about it, a feeling that Lucas and co-writer Lawrence Kasdan are simply trying to figure out what they can do next to amuse the kiddies” - The Hollywood Reporter.


How did the final episode of this trilogy do?



Beach Rythms was a collaboration between Teal Griffin and Baba Doherty, with each new iteration showcasing different constellations of their objects - mainly sculptural and video - and a mix of their voices. Teal brought non-linear narrative, whilst Baba mixed beats, Teal’s spoken word and live music.