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We're All Involved In This Mess

April - May 2108 · EnclaveLAB, London

All photographs are courtesy of Natalija Paunic.

We're All Involved In This Mess was a relay of performances and subsequent exhibition of performance remnants, staged at EnclaveLAB in Deptford, London. The three-week long project consisted of a new flux of performances and site-specific creations each week in which artists engaged both with the space and with previous works, leaving a succession of traces along the way.  These were exhibited throughout the week with all the performances looped on small television screens. 


We're All Involved In This Mess was an experiment in group collaboration, being co-curated by Evelina Åhrman, Sophie Bownes, Lucy Cowling, Claudia Gangemi, Johanna Hardt, John Harris, Jinho Lim, Felice Moramarco, Alice Ongaro, Natalija Paunic, Andrew Price, Róisín O’Sullivan, Sayori Radda, Katie Simpson, Marian Stindt, Riet Timmerman, Katie Yook.



The project featured works by Amy Ball, Javier Chozas, Marcel Darienzo, Savio Debernardis, Drifters, Saskia Fischer, John Fletcher, Lucia Fontanelli, Caterina Gobbi, Charles Harrison, Alice Jacobs, Mati Jhurry, Valerie Kong, Caroline Mackenzie, Catinca Malaimare, Anna Mikkola & Matilda Tjäder, Panicattack Duo, Emily Perry, Colette Patterson, Hugh Smyth, Joseph Steele, Chooc Ly Tan feat Baba Ali, Monica Tolia, Rafal Zajko and They Are Here.












































All photographs are courtesy of Natalija Paunic.