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30 July 2018 // writing // curatorial

On algorithms and other life/forms is a free publication accompanying the forthcoming four-part event series life/forms. It consists of newly commissioned textual or visual spreads from each of the artists who are a part of the series. Alongside these sits a long-read essay, which delves into the socio-political realities that fed into the individual events and the series as a whole. The publication can be viewed and downloaded here. It is advised to set your pdf reader to 'two page view'.


12 July 2018 // writing //

As a part of the 2018 Goldsmiths MFA degree show, a group of MFA Curating students, including myself, wrote a 'code of conduct' – aiming to remain united through our ethics, activities and resources as we venture off into the art world. During the degree show the entire text was vinyled along the east wall on the balcony in the large Laurie Grove Baths. It can also be read, in each of our respective mother tongues, on