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A selection of my recent and upcoming work

Beach Rhythm ~ Episodes 5, 3 & 7

February/March 2018 · EnclaveLAB, London


Built up from loops and layers as the days progressed, each episode of Beach Rhythm traced oceanic themes; started with Origins, then the Wake, and closing with Carnival. It was a collaborative project with Babatunde Doherty and Teal Griffin, who gave the trilogy form through spoken prose, moving image, and sculptures as props, all brought together in a live-mixed sonic environment that washes over you. More...

Graphics by Angus McCrum 


The Future Imperfect

March - July 2018 · Cubitt Gallery & Studios, London


The Future Imperfect was a one-day performance event consisting of one-on-one scripted performance, where visitors were taken on a tour through areas of Cubitt which are usually closed to the public. It was the publics' task to reactivate documents from Cubitt’s archive, using ‘state-of-the-art’ digital technology. This event was shaped by a four-month curatorial research placement exploring Cubitt Gallery and Studio’s rich archive, which narrates its twenty-six-year exhibition and event history. More...

Graphics architected by TJC


We're All Involved In This Mess

April - May 2108 · EnclaveLAB, London


We're All Involved In This Mess was a relay of performances and subsequent exhibition of performance remnants. The three-week long project consisted of a flux of performances and site-specific creations each week in which artists engaged both with the space and with previous works, leaving a succession of traces along the way. More...

Graphic: Onna Bogdore